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Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) stands as a beacon of modern activism—a voluntary association forged in the fires of justice, operating as a powerful common law universitas. With an indomitable spirit, we exist autonomously from our members, wielding a distinct legal status and enjoying perpetual succession. Our entity, not for gain, holds its assets and shoulders its liabilities under its distinguished name—a testament to our commitment to unyielding advocacy and unwavering pursuit of liberty.

Within the formidable ranks of LFN, a resilient alliance emerges—an assembly of oppressed Africans spanning diverse races, religions, and communities. Together, we forge an unbreakable bond, united in a collective battle against the scourge of the criminal banking network and the manifold injustices that threaten our shared destiny. In our diversity, we find strength; in our unity, we discover the power to defy oppression and carve a path toward a liberated future.

LFN beats a collective consciousness, pulsating with the solemn duty outlined in the Preamble of the African Charter. Our mission transcends mere existence; we are fervently committed to ushering in the complete liberation of South Africa and Africa. In a world where the dignity and true independence of its People remain under siege, LFN stands resolute, vowing to eradicate every vestige of oppression. We champion a future where the power rests not in the hands of corrupt states fueled by the insidious root of all evil—greed—but in the hands of empowered People, governing themselves and shaping their destiny with unwavering resolve.

Our Guiding Principles

Reyno De Beer, LFN President & Founder

Dear Liberators,

As fellow citizens of South Africa, we stand united with you in pursuit of a brighter future. Just like you, we navigate the challenges of daily life – juggling responsibilities, confronting obstacles, and striving to create a meaningful existence. Yet, the world we envisage, one where unity and ubuntu flourish, often seems distant against the backdrop of our current reality.

In this era, crime casts a shadow over our communities, unemployment gnaws at our aspirations, and financial burdens loom large. Our education system, once a beacon of promise, now fails to meet our expectations. Our cultural tapestry, woven with diverse languages, is slowly unraveling, and the bonds that once held our families and communities together are strained.

Beneath these issues lies a stark truth: the gap between the prosperous and the struggling is widening. This imbalance, disguised as democracy, perpetuates a cycle where the privileged thrive while the marginalized languish. We’re prompted to vote for parties, not individuals, and our voices seem to echo in a void of unfulfilled promises and divisive rhetoric. Our national discourse revolves around enmity, not unity, leaving us disconnected from our true potential.

Stepping back, the veneer of difference among political parties fades, revealing a common thread of self-serving interests. These parties, funded by shadowy entities, engage in power struggles that yield personal gains rather than public welfare. As our lives deteriorate, it becomes evident that this political landscape is built upon smoke and mirrors, offering empty hopes and instilling fear rather than substantial progress.

Though we may not subscribe to conspiracy theories, we acknowledge that conspiracies against our collective well-being exist. The safer path may be silence, yet our resolve is unyielding. Some of us venture forth, supported by like-minded individuals who see beyond the façade.

We, a small assembly of citizens, recognize our limitations in altering the entire world. However, we believe in our ability to transform our immediate surroundings. We realize that criticizing ourselves precedes critiquing our leaders. Our journey commenced with the realization that we possess agency and that our individual actions matter.

Our stance isn’t rooted in any singular ideology; we don’t espouse communism, socialism, or any label. While inherited privileges warrant scrutiny, we also acknowledge the value of hard work. Our vision encompasses a blend of social security and controlled capitalism, a framework that promotes achievement while safeguarding the interests of the majority.

Above all, every one of us is invaluable and integral to a shared future. Our bedrock is the defense of citizen rights – the path toward true freedom. We reject any notion of being lesser, striving for equitable treatment. Politicians, judges, lawyers, educators – they are reflections of us, not separate entities. Our aspiration is a Constitution that stands as a pillar of reliability and justice, one we can embrace with certainty.

Hence, we proudly present ourselves as the Liberty Fighters Network (LFN). Our journey is defined by the pursuit of liberation, guided by the principles of unity and equality.

In the spirit of this mission, we invite you to consider contributing a voluntary donation of your choosing. By supporting our campaigns, you invest not only in our children’s future but in a future where justice and dignity reign. LFN, in its rarity, stands as a beacon opposing human rights violations. Our advocacy spans local courts, and tribunals, and even reaches the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

With utmost appreciation,

Reyno De Beer

President & Founder, LFN

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