Public Protector Requests Cloud Seeding and Geoengineering Inquest

On Wednesday the Office of the Public Protector formally requested both the SA Weather Services and Council for Geoscience to investigate allegations of improper conduct by the government in utilizing cloud seeding and geoengineering activities which possibly resulted in abnormal weather conditions, following a complaint on 3 May 2022 by the human rights watchdog organization, Liberty Fighters Network (LFN).

LFN requested the Public Protector, Adv. Busisiwe Mkhwebane, last month to investigate the role cloud seeding and geoengineering have on our country’s weather after its President Reyno De Beer personally witnessed airplanes allegedly conducting cloud seeding over an area in Pretoria followed by severe thunderstorms only days before the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr. Dlamini-Zuma, declared South Africa’s second national state of disaster, only this time for abnormal weather conditions experienced in Kwazulu Natal and elsewhere resulting in many loss of life and billions of Rand in damages to infrastructure and private property.

We have received the full record of the decision by the Minister to declare the national state of disaster, but nowhere in all those documents were cloud seeding or geoengineering even mentioned as possible contributors,” says De Beer. “One would have expected her to at least as precautionary measures prohibit these activities until the end of the disaster, but strangely no such prohibition is forthcoming and does it appear as if the government does not care whether more rains are forced,” added De Beer.

After a meeting held with the Office of the Public Protector last week, LFN reported that the existence of cloud seeding and geoengineering activities to manipulate weather conditions is not widely known and easily be debunked until the evidence in the public domain comes to light that the government had in fact been utilizing these technologies for decades already and that same had become a profit-driven industry used by crop farmers and even as warfare.

From numerous tipoffs, we have received, many people also apparently witnessed cloud seeding, or activities appearing so, all over the country of late deserving proper investigation after Weather SA has admitted that it does not keep any related data for consideration in any weather report,” emphasized De Beer.

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